Disaster Has Struck

Finished with NOKIA and ready to start working full-time on my Kawa project,
powers of nature have shown their enormous grasp on my GSoC endeavors.

Yesterday, while trying to re-set up my workstation, one thing followed
another, trying to cut off my wings. Firstly, my secondary LG Flatron screen
fell over and broke leaving me on one laptop screen. Then, the weather suddenly
changed and reached 35 degrees Celsius, which as it may seem like something
minor, had an impact on my HP 7 year-old laptop which lost its internal thermal
relinquishing mechanisms 3 months ago, meaning my laptop was seriously
underperforming. Hope was still on the glance and I turned all my hopes to Amazon
from which I have ordered a Dell XPS 13 to help me work for GSoC ‘17 throughout
this summer. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t believe that I was able to afford the
machine, rational really, I wouldn’t have believed me either, so it asked me to
send them a fax to England with all my legal bank papers to allow me of this
purchase. Today the situation remains the same, meaning that I can’t open
Eclipse along with Firefox or a terminal, in fact Eclipse on its own is
forbidden, without getting a thermal shutdown. No sweat, it’s just that it
makes my work fall behind, further.

Project-wise, right now I’m at a phase where I have to fix bit-rot for
Schemescript and refresh its documentation. I’m reading everything I can on
writing quality open-source documentation., simultaneously I’m communicating
with members of the community to get feedback on what we need. Kawa is a very
good thing for the programming world and I want to give it the best working
editor I’m capable of. So, I figured that I should also start commenting
portions of SchemeScript’s source to ease the introduction of any future developers on the project.

Saddening, is the fact that I’m actually behind in the project. I didn’t want
this to happen but life works in mysterious ways to get you to your wanted
results. I like that, but it takes a big toll on my work. I try to get along by
reading some poetry these days. I had for a long time in my library two
billingual poetry collections, one of B. Brecht and one of Baudelaire.

I think I’m letting down mr.Per and I have to devote more of time than normal
in GSoC to the project. That is a comforting thought because this way I’ll be
able to stay at home more and when the pressure is relinquished I can give some
time to literature.

In other news, Scheme is still a little tough on me. Having solved some of my
past algorithmic problems I thought I would be able to handle her easily like
with C++. Such a dynamic language though requires a lot of experience to grasp
and that kind of frustrates me :/.

That’s all for (i = 0; i < n; ++i){

} today folks,
Hope tomorrow I’ll have some good news to deliver,