Getting Through Difficulties

Well, the development phase I’m in is not as productive as I anticipated.
Today, I organized the project’s github repo a little and updated the README of
my branch.
I’m planning on creating a wiki on GitHub about SchemeScript, but that might
take a couple of weeks to come to life.

Yesterday, I studied the code’s dependencies on Kawa and I updated its version
to the current version(WOW!). But, I couldn’t test cause my laptop is
misbehaving a lot. I mean I knew that I was bad with hardware, but not that
much. On other news, Amazon still can’t handle my purchase request and I have
contacted support :/

I decided that should automate the one existing test of SchemeScript and Holy
Mentor I can’t even understand how the
is supposed to run, or if it’s
still up to date with how Scheme should act on R7RS and not in R5RS. On the
automation side, I will contact my friend
Serafeim to help me with travis-ci.

Altogether, my hardware is falling short on the project’s requirements and I’m
split into studying:

  • eclipse documentation
  • schemescript src
  • debuggers
  • open-source documentation
  • tricky scheme concepts so as to be close with the language (which is really
  • update sites on Eclipse

Hopefully, I found these two bad-boy projects yesterday

so hope does still exist for XDEBUG.

I also attended HACKFEST ‘17 on
Saturday and got the chance to meet with many wonderful people collaborating in
a thrilling for a developer place hackerspace
, who told me that my project is really
interesting and can help me with every loose tie of my open source developing
experience. I expect to visit hsgr on a daily basis, once I get my new XPS 13.

That’s all for (i = 0; i < n; ++i){

} today folks,