Building Momentum

Fast post, cause I’m in a hurry.

What I did today?

Created SchemeScript’s wiki, by porting its UserGuide from Eclipse’s help
contents to GitHub wiki pages. Took me a long time because GH’s Markdown
couldn’t understand, the html table (which was very big) and I had to learn
how-to and write the table all over. Think I did a pretty good job.

Here is the link to the wiki.

What I intend to do next?

Priority is on updating the embedded Kawa version from 1.8 to 2.92. It’s been
troubling me for a couple o’ days actively. Still I have no idea why it isn’t
working :/

Other stuff

My XPS 13 still hasn’t shipped and the laptop has gotten 5 thermal shutdowns in
the last 3 days. I’m developing a keen interest in working after sundown when
the atmosphere around the machine chills a little :D
Also, Amazon has been unforgivingly failing to serve me. Right now I can’t even
log in to my account due to some internal problem of theirs, but hopefully my
order has been accepted and I’m awaiting it’s arrival between 14 - 19 of June.

That’s all for (i = 0; i < n; ++i){

} today folks,
See you soon,