Poor Results This Week

Last week was a blast. Did so many things, had so much passion. Progress in the
project was obvious and we were quickly scaling for something unexpectedly great
in terms of a GSoC result.

This week my productivity fell to its minimum. A number of personal issues,
along with the 5th cancellation of my order from Amazon really broke my spirit.
I have done everything possible to acquire an XPS 13 before the coding period
started, but the guys at Amazon could only postpone me, no comment on helping
me out. So, since I can’t really test my changes on the plugin by opening a 2nd
Eclipse instance and since my first Eclipse instance sends a thermal to my
laptop within an hour I have to report little-to-none progress on updating
SchemeScript’s Kawa version :(

On the bright side, I did some decent research these days on the debugger
matter and the code style checker issue. I think after all that the debugger
can be implemented with little trouble in the plugin by using existing
implementations of debuggers.

This project has as its main goal research, secondly to add a functioning
debugger to a scheme development environment. I think I’m doing great on the
first and that my hard work is paying off, but on the second I have fallen

The summer is still long and I will do whatever it takes to make this project a