Researching and Developing

Welcome to my beautiful world of sloppy implementations and tryhard

//Alice must be proud

What I’m up to?

Friday and today my actions were the following:

  • I researched on using Emacs as the LSP client, but got seriously frustrated on
    how sloppy in terms of design the existing lsp-mode is and how hard it was, at
    least for me to set it up and use it. I tried setting it up with the lsp-java language
    server. Emacs Lisp and all those buffers are still a little harsh pour moi
    and in general I was not satisfied by the documentation at all. It was not

The list of candidate clients for the LSP implementation are:

Why I won’t use VS Code

VS Code gets an immediate red flag from me, even tho it’s the best functioning
LSP client, with the most capabilities, just because I don’t like MS products
and when I tried to set it up around 2 years ago it f’d me up.

Why Emacs is a dead-end

Emacs gets an F due to my poor EL skillz. And because it’s gonna be on alpha
until the end of the decade IMHO in LSP terms.

Eclipse Che Thoughts

I like the whole spirit of Eclipse Che. It’s an ambiguous project that’s doing
great so far. But I’m afraid to use it as my editor and I think that I’ll have
a real hard time implementing LSP on it. Afraid of a dead end, but not yet
discouraged. Maybe the next couple o’ days will show me the truth..

So, what’s my conclusion to all this; IT’S to use either Eclipse IDE or neovim as
our client. I didn’t put in any hands on effort within the weekend, which means
that I started working on these today. Neovim LSP client has some solid
documentation and Eclipse has a lot of people contributing to its LSP stuff
actively, which gives me hope that they’ll make their documentation a little
friendlier soon.

Eclipse Issues

Right now I’m trying to set up the necessary workspace in Eclipse IDE to
connect the client with the Groovy LS, as mr.Per requested me to do so as a
personal challenge.

There are two issues I’m currently having:

  1. I don’t know how to package the damn thing with Eclipse IDE
  2. My Eclipse installation has issues installing some necessary dependecies

What’s next?

Tomorrow Thuesday I’ll visit the hsgr to continue works. Hopefully I’ll have
the Groovy LS working on a client. Gonna devote some time in learning how to use neovim.
We’ll see..

Hasta la victoria siempre,