End of GSoC

Heyo ppl, this is my last GSoC blog-post.

What happened?

So Harry, how come you stopped GSoC so early?

In short, I got tired. Not of coding, but of working overhours without
guidance and not being appreciated.

This summer has been pretty harsh tbh. The project required huge effort and
things didn’t roll out as expected. At first for the Kawa IDE Integration,
we tried SchemeScript. Dominique did reckon my contribution as a whole to the
project, but Per was unable to appreciate, help and stop acting like a child about it.

So we dropped it at early July. We decided to go with the LSP implementation.
Fine with me. Each of us wanted it for his own reasons. So _we_ started
designing it. By we, I mean me solely. Still, LSP is in its early betas and alphas.
And Per dropped out on me on this. Bad mentoring? Sure fckin thing man. Per not
only didn’t help, he put a gun to my head and was like “If you don’t make
it, we’re over”. I’m used to crazy girlfriends, but I didn’t anticipate such
behavior from someone like Per.

Did I mention that I’m a 1st year student? Did I also mention that Kawa LSP
Implementation was completely off my GSoC proposal and I needed back up from my
mentor for this project to be approved by the admins? Have I mentioned that
professional Open Source developers with high payrolls are having a hard time
achieving worthy results with LSP? Or maybe did I forget to mention that the
SchemeScript project needs a refactoring cause it hasn’t been actively
developed since 2006 and to do that one needs at least 2 years of experience
with Eclipse developing? Did I forget to mention this in any of my blogposts?
Sorry, if that’s the case.

What was the drop that made you quit?

The fact that my GSoC mentor called himself “my boss”. He actually wrote to me
per se:

It is foolish to write this way to your “boss” (while I’m not your boss, I stand in a similar position of guidance and authority) unless you want to be fired. So my conclusion is you don’t care.

What happened after that?

Nothing. I just did nothing. I wouldn’t bring these issues to the attention of
GSoC and GNU admins by no means since I’m no squealer. I just waited to be

Post GSoC thoughts

Definitely worthy of a go. A great program really. I had a really good time on
the work part (not the psychological). If you get a good mentor and your
project is clear as rain (easy), it’s incredibly fun.

Plans for the future

Gonna invest some time in freelancing on my current skillset, then I’ll start
getting serious with security. Definitely will continue as an open source
contributor if I see a project worthy of it (or I start one) ;)

Check me on github for the goodsies. –>

Thanks to all the people that helped me during this trial,