GSoC '18 Is Here!

GSoC ‘18 is here!

Greetings everybody! This might not have been expected (or maybe it was), but
I’m participating again on the Google Summer of Code program.

YES! You’ve heard it here first..

This year I’m taking on a very interesting project; and guess what? EXACTLY!
It’s completely different than last years. The project is for the NetBSD
organisation and it concerns the kernel spacey. It’s called Undefined Behavior
SANitizer and our hope is to integrate it to the NetBSD kernel for distribution 8.

I’m under the guidance of the highly skilled Kamil Rytarowski and the vastly
experienced Christos Zoulas. Both have been a huge help so far and I’m thankful
I’m under their mentorship.

‘So what has been done up until now?’

Having to prove myself once again I’m now dealing with low-level C structures..
It’s a huge motivation for me since I love both the language and its
philosophy and to be honest I’m learning as much as I can bear to prepare
myself for the x86 OS I’m planning to develop(Shhh).
Also as a youngling of programming I can safely say that I have traversed most
of the fields coding can take and that’s really inspiring (and bohemic).

To the chase, for the first evaluation (due June 11th), we are looking to
integrate KUBSan. We are inspired by lunix’s method of implementation and our
current target architecture is amd64, although if it goes well we could also
target i386. So far I’ve created my first patch to the codebase; consisting of
some ATF regression tests on the project’s 25-year old codebase. It took me
some time but as a prerequisite it has been satisfied. Currently I’m creating
my first example kernel module (Loadable Kernel Module - LKM) and I can say
that I haven’t performed that bad on the given deadline.