BattleMesh Travels and Start of Phase 2

Start of Phase 2

The evaluation worked out nice for Phase 1 (producing this report post) and setting our efforts in BMX7 development in stone.
I feel pretty proud for the work I did, but also a little sulky because I know I can step up my game huge.

My main focus is to put in clean undisturbed and unhindered by stress working hours; putting the tip of the arrow in each goal and deliverable.

The goals for Phase 2 hold as follows:

  1. Additions of features and options of the wg_plugin (beta of wg working implementation)
  • Cleanup and research on reusing cryptographic and networking primitives common to Wireguard and BMX7.
  • Creation of the bmx7 Debian Package.
  • Port mlc functionality to mlc-ng.
  • Finish the second phase of the documentation refactor.
  • Attending Battemesh V12 😉
  • Order hardware to play with


Definitely the two most important and attractive goals are numbers 1 and 5; they are essential to the project. Coding and documenting go hand-in-hand and they are the most fun in the project.

Following, weight shall be put to 3 and 4; they are nice good-to-haves and their current progress on my head and efforts makes them feasible.

At last, go the personal favorites. Having not the commodity of being in the immense vicinity of a community network, setting up my interfaces and mapping terrain is essential to understand needs and walkarounds. For this reason attending Battlemesh V12 is essential to my development, my post-affiliation and my understanding (more info next section). The other goal is hardware which I’m gonna describe soon.

Finally, my favorite goal is the reuse of cryptographic and network primitives shared among WG and BMX7. There has been put a lot of time in going through explanations, academic papers and tutorials for both; thus it’s a personal bet to be able to track the ground to ease the implementation’s complexity. This is bonus.


On Saturday(06-07) I traveled to Belgium and from there on Sunday(07-07) I reached Paris. Today Monday begins Battlemesh V12 preparation and tomorrow the first talks are going on.

My goals for this event is to meet with people from different communities and get feedback and knowledge from them; as well as try to give back what I can through talks on the crypto stack of wireguard and mesh network virtualization (as well as some wildcards like coreboot flashing and Qubes OS).

The bad news is that being on Battlemesh will hinder production a bit, but the adrenaline kick and focus of development afterwards I think will balance it and help reach the goals of this Phase.

Mesh Hardware

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