Debugging and Hackfest

The development phase is not as productive as I anticipated.
Today, I organized the project’s github repo a little and updated the README of
my branch.
I’m planning on creating a wiki on GitHub about SchemeScript, but that might
take a couple of weeks to come to life.

The past week

I studied the code’s dependencies on Kawa and I updated its version
to the current version. But, I couldn’t test due to hardware problems. A new machine is needed for me to work consistently, but my Amazon order has been deemed unsuccessful multiple times.

The decision was made for the automation of the one existing test of SchemeScript and I can’t even understand how the
is supposed to run, or if it’s
still up to date with how Scheme should act on R7RS and not in R5RS.

Altogether, my hardware is falling short on the project’s requirements and I’m
split into studying:

  • Eclipse’s documentation
  • Schemescript’s source code
  • Debugger theory and implementations
  • Documentation on OSS Software
  • Scheme concepts; to be close with the language
  • Update sites on Eclipse

Hopefully, I found these two bad-boy projects yesterday:

where hope does still exist for XDEBUG.

Hackfest ‘17

I attended HACKFEST ‘17 on
Saturday and got the chance to meet with wonderful people collaborating in
the legendary hackerspace
, who told me that my project is indeed
interesting and can help me with some loose ties of my open source developing
experience. I expect to visit hsgr on a frequent basis, once I get my hands on a new machine.