No Hardware, No Dev

A comment

Eclipse plugin development is difficult if you don’t have satisfying hardware capable of handling such workflow. While testing, my whole system freezes and
developing anything is super hard, because you can’t test the changes you’ve made
and the lack of a 2nd monitor is killing me.

In other news, the new hardware I’ve ordered is postponed indefinitely by Amazon.


Tried to update Kawa* today. Failed; got nerve-wrecked by my machine’s inner handlings and I’m done for the day.

Dev without hardware is non-existent!

Hope I can produce more soon..

* Searched all around Kawa’s code cause of some class loading issues after I
changed kawa.jar to 2.92. Currently I think it’s working great in the
background, but eclipse’s second instance disagrees with me when I reach a
somewhat “launched” state in it