Change of Plans for Phase 2: LSP

The project has changed its scope

SchemeScript as a valid Kawa IDE integration effort has sunk. I have lost my passion
to it due to not being able to figure out the huge codebase I’m dealing with
and Per got a little frustrated by my results. That’s ok since we are no
losers and have the ability to adjust in difficult situations. Haven’t
written in a while in the blog..

Language Server Protokewl

We are going to implement the youngster of protocols Language Server

(abbr. LSP).
It’s an initiative of Microsoft and for that judgement comes
above all, so as to not get criticised for this decision in the not so distant

As it seems it’s a great initiative and potentially the future of IDEs
as well as editors (Vim, Emacs, Sublime, etc).

How will you do it Harry?

Will try to use as basis for a client the existing Emacs LSP client
and if that fails I will
lightning quick switch to the Eclipse LSP client

The challenge lies with the server.

  • How will the client-server communicate?
  • How will the server be structured? What is a legal milestone for GSoC?
  • WillGoogle approve of this transition?

Well the answer to those questions is Duncan
. He will help me along with Per Bothner to
write the server in Kawa Scheme.

Still researching and trying to come up with a plan.
More info soon.